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Ball Mill Spare Parts

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

(Photo A) Tasek steel’s technician inside the 10 feet diameter by 10 feet long pre-owned ball mill to be reconditioned/ rebuilt by the owner’s contractor.

(Photo B) Castings by Tasek steel - lifter bars, diaphragm plates, and inlet liners.

(Photo C) The customer operates a granite quarry.

(Main photo) Ball Mill Castings

The customer chose 11-14 % manganese steel to BS standard 3100 grade BW10 equivalent. For the diaphragm plates, chromium addition will give castings a higher yield strength. This prevents blockage on the slots allowing the homogeneous slurry to pass through for processing.

Casting wear life

Ore properties such as abrasiveness and crushability index, mineral content (feldspar, aluminum oxide, quartz, etc) affect wear life. Other aspects include the speed of the ball mill, feed size, and grinding media.

Processing tin bearing granite rock (Cassiterite)

Forged steel balls cascade from the top of the shell reducing the rock-aggregate into fine particles. Attrition between grinding balls and ore particles causes the ore to grind into a homogeneous slurry passing through the diaphragm plate for further processing.

Grinding media - Forged steel or high chrome balls.

Wear mechanism - High stress / grinding abrasion and high compression load.

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